When Communication matters most ChiLLS brings a voice to Children

Children are vulnerable because of their age. That vulnerability becomes more pronounced when they are involved in legal proceedings the language of which they are unable to speak. At the same time, children have the right to participate and should thus be seen as beings with agency. ChiLLS has explored this complex dynamic by interviewing children who have been involved in legal proceedings in which they needed to participate via an interpreter. With the insights gained, we have developed materials that seek to inform both children and professionals about how those children’s rights can be better protected, respected and fulfilled.

The interpreter has to understand me well, he has to be able to speak Dutch well, that he doesn't interpret everything directly, but lets me finish. If he hasn't understood me, then he has to ask me and only interpret afterwards.

Ilyaas - Unaccompanied minor (17 y/o)
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